Steelbank Stainless - Aluminium - Overview

Overview - Aluminium Suppliers

At Steelbank Aluminium supplers we stock a broad range of aluminium products in sheet, plate and coil form to suit your needs. Aluminium is a highly sought after product for numerous industries growing in this product. We are also able to slit and cut material to length to your exact dimensions.

The common alloys that are in are in our stock range include Aluminium 1050 (on sheet, plate, coil with an option of anodizing quality), Aluminium 1200 (Circles), Aluminium 4017 (Tread Bright), Aluminium 6063 (extrusions). Aluminium products generally have great corrosion resistance and are approximately 1/3 of the weight of stainless steels or carbon steels. They form well and generally have great welding characteristics.

Further alloys and various tempers are available on request.

Typical end Use:

Aluminium Sheet and Aluminium Coil – General sheet metal work, name plates, Aluminium panels for truck body manufacturing, Aluminium cable sheathing, anodizing applications (only with anodizing quality material), Aluminium roofing and Aluminium awnings, etc.

Aluminium Tread Plate & Aluminium Tread Bright – Decorative and architectural applications, non-slip flooring applications in the marine and automotive industry, etc.

Circles – Aluminium Cookware manufacturing, Aluminium spinning, etc.

Aluminium Extrusions – Decorative and architectural applications, machining applications, general engineering applications.