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Finish Types/Definitions

Sheet Finishes:
No.1 or 1D finish:
Hot rolled, heat treated, pickled. It is the most common hot rolled finish that is commonly referred to a “mill finish”. It is a non reflective, rough surface.
2B finish:
Cold rolled, heat treated, pickled, skin passed. This is the most common cold rolled finish. It has a dullish, semi reflective surface.
2D finish:
Cold rolled, heat treated, pickled. A similar process to that of the 2B finish, but has a surface more dull than the 2B. It is a common finish for deep-draw applications.
2E finish:
Cold rolled, heat treated and mechanically descaled, may be followed by pickling. It has a rough and dull finish, similar to that of a No.1 finish.
BA finish:

Also referred to as Bright Annealed or 2R finish. It is a cold rolled material that has a bright reflective finish (almost a mirror finish) that is achieved by final annealing in a controlled atmosphere furnace (may be skin passed).

No.4 finish:
Commonly referred to a brushed finish, it is a linearly textured finish on 1 side or both sides of the sheet achieved by passing the material through a series of polishing belts. It is also referred to as satin finish.
No.8 finish:
This is the true mirror finish and is produced by passing the material through a buffing line until a highly reflective, mirror-like finish is achieved.
Tubing finishes:
180-grit polish:
This is the most common finish on decorative tubing and is a brushed or satin finish. The finish is achieved by rotating the tube through a set of polishers, resulting in brush lines running circumferentially around the material.
240, 320, 400-grit polish:
Same process as the above, with the higher grit numbers being a finer finish.
600-grit polish:
This is your typical mirror tube and has a highly reflective, mirror-like finish. This finish is achieved by first polishing the material (typically to a 320 grit) and further buffing the material to the desired, bright finish.